ARMADA TRADING was established in 1998 in Saudi Arabia, with the purpose of purveying wiring devices, lighting fixtures, building accessories and home automation systems. It is headquartered in Riyadh and run by an entrepreneurial and professional management, concerned in filling the growing needs of the upper-class market and in providing high-standard products.

ARMADA employs a specialized workforce and has already opened a luxurious showroom on Takhassusi Street.

ARMADA Trading is the exclusive agent of several international brands in the Saudi market:
In wiring devices: Arnould from France, Gira from Germany, and Focus SB from the United Kingdom, In lighting: Modular from Belgium, Trilux from Germany and Egoluce from Italy.
In Wood flooring: Par-ky a renowned Belgium brand.
And a Canadian embedded central vacuum system: Duo Vac.

In less than eight years, ARMADA grew significantly and imposed itself as one of the main suppliers of wiring devices and lighting fixtures in the local market. ARMADA gained credibility and the trust of its customers through its distinguished services and unique products in terms of features, quality and design.
Moreover, ARMADA Trading is introducing today Lighting Control and Home Automation Systems, a challenging field that will, yet again, shift the company a step further.

To extend its market coverage, ARMADA Trading is willing to enlarge its geographical scope over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through establishing branches in Jeddah, Dammam, Abha and Tabouk.


Our mission is to purvey wiring devices, lighting fixtures, building accessories and home automation systems to the Saudi market. We seek leadership and growth opportunities while monitoring, tracking and anticipating minor and major market trends. And in everything we do, we strive for success while staying committed to our core values: teamwork, fairness and integrity.
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